Fontanafredda Asti Millesimato



Fontanafredda Asti Millesimato 2011 750ml

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The selection of vineyards and the careful selection of the harvest period allow this Asti to develop an incredible personality. The use of techniques recovered from tradition, combined with the experience of Fontanafredda, allow us to rediscover an Asti with the aromas and flavors that recall the berries of mature muscat. The result is a sparkling wine that, as soon as it is poured, has a thick and dense foam that gradually reveals a beautiful straw yellow color with green reflections. The nose is an explosion of aromas, reminiscent of the flowers of lime, acacia, hawthorn and orange, very ripe white fruits such as peach and plum, spices like sage, rosemary and wildflower honey . In the mouth the bubbles of the perlage develop with a dense texture that soon gives way to the feeling of freshness and sweetness. The aftertaste is very long and is dominated by an incredible strawberry sensation.

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